Microsoft throws opens its New Windows10 to Apple, Android Apps

Microsoft throws opens its New Windows10 to Apple, Android Apps

Posted:May 01,2015

Microsoft is hoping that its updated Windows 10 will be used by many more people on different kind of devices by providing access to many of the similar apps that they are already utilizing on Apple or Android phones. A top level executive from Microsoft said that the company will offer latest tools to assist software developers to adapt apps that they have designed for Apple and Android gadgets so that these can work without any hindrance on smart phones, PCs and various other devices that will use new Windows 10 operating system that will be coming up in the later part of this particular year. The company is hoping it’s best to employ a number of software developers as its allies to create enthusiasm among the new release. The company is utilizing the three day conference called Build, to put forward many features and app building tools and the emphasis is on mobile devices and also PCs. To convince customers who use rival software to use Windows 10, the company needs to persuade external developers who create software for the individual consumers and business clients to create latest apps and programs for Windows 10. In a big change from the past policy, Microsoft will assist developers to adapt the Apple and Android apps for the Windows 10.The Company is also hoping to allure developers by promising that apps for Windows10 will function well for PCs, mobile gadgets, and Xbox game consoles and also for the HoloLens.

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