How Google Make Sure that the Job Candidates will Fit Perfectly

How Google Make Sure that the Job Candidates will Fit Perfectly

Posted:May 04,2015

There are people who will do anything to be able to work in a corporation like Google. The biggest perception about the company is that one need to fit perfectly into its culture and this cultural fit is very important. A huge company like Google also has this reputation of being a very laid-back company that actually functions more like a network of start ups rather than a big corporation. But Google’s human resource chief Laszlo Bock said that the candidates do not need to worry about fitting in too much at the time of their job interview. The candidates should ensure that they are putting forward some innovative ideas that will bring something original to the company and the candidate should avoid wearing suits. In particular Google looks for two things in a candidate during a job interview while taking a decision that the candidate is suitable or not are-“conscientiousness” and “intellectual humility”. At Google, the company wants the candidates to bring something absolutely new to the milieu. So, at Google do not worry about formal or informal, just add something latest and original.

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