Google Offers Search Engine Database for the Big Data Analytics

Google Offers Search Engine Database for the Big Data Analytics

Posted:May 07,2015

Google, the search engine giant has initiated a cloud based big data service and the corporation is of the opinion that it is twice as fast as those of the competitors. Google Cloud Big table is depended on Big table database engine behind its search engine and Gmail, is absolutely managed, scalable NoSQL database service accessible through the open source Apache HBase application programming interface. Google also elaborated by saying that Cloud Big table service provides automatic background scaling and replicated storage. But this service also has touch competitors as it competes with HD Insight on the Microsoft Azure cloud and a variety of Amazon Web Services big data services. Google’s product manager Cory O’ Connor in his blogpost wrote that the service is actually focused on handling the growth of analytics in businesses. Cloud Big table is perfect for businesses and data driven entities that are required to tackle huge quantity of data and this includes businesses in the financial sector, AdTech, energy, biomedical and telecommunication industries. There are information technology organizations that have already started building products utilizing the latest Google service.

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