Fundamental Problem in Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech Industry

Fundamental Problem in Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech Industry

Posted:May 08,2015

The information technology industry is plagued by gender inequality and if the fundamental problems are not sorted out from the root then paralysis will soon set in. Even there is a lack of inclusiveness when it comes to black minorities. Now the important question is if there is no diversity in the workforce then how that workforce is expected to take care of the requirements of the diverse group of people. But the situation was completely different earlier. In the United States of America in the mid 1980s 30%-40% of the students were women. In the contemporary time this percentage has dropped to 16%. According to Google, 30% of its global workforce consists of women until 2014 January and Yahoo has 37% of its workforce as women. But the problem is actually cultural one and it starts at a very early age. Many women who take up computer science as a subject feels out of place as they feel discouraged by the predominance of geek young men who spend hours in front of computers staring at codes and number on its screen. The makeup of the class and the way the classes are taught is also a part of the entire problem. Also if computer science is made a compulsory subject at the school level in the United States of America then girls will be more comfortable with the subject. This lack of women and minorities in the IT industry will also create problem in the economy also because there will be 1.4 million computer related jobs available by 2020 but only 400,000 graduates will be there to fill up the vacancies.

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