Pao Requests the Courts to Dismiss the Kleiner’s $1 Million Recompense Claim

Pao Requests the Courts to Dismiss the Kleiner’s $1 Million Recompense Claim

Posted:May 11,2015

Ellen Pao who lost the case of gender favoritism filed against her ex-employer, the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has told the court that she should not be needed to pay the company $1 million as court fees to her ex-employers. According to a court filing by her attorney, the amounts the Defendant wants to recover are objectionable under the law and the amount is also excessive and unreasonable. This well publicized five week gender bias trial exposed the inner discriminatory processes of the Silicon Valley’s venture capital firm and this was very closely observed by the technology world where a woman is still distinct minority .Pao no doubt lost the trial but this was hugely symbolic of the efforts to reduce this gender imbalance that exists in the technology world. Kleiner has demanded a reimbursement of the witness fees, deposition and court reporters cost of around $972,815 in all. The majority of the fees Kleiner is looking for to recover are for the expert witnesses who testified at the trail. Kleiner also added that if Pao did not pursue the case any further then the organization would not demand the reimbursement amount. According to Pao’s attorney kleiner’s offer was not made in good faith and majority of the fees were unreasonable and needless. Pao still have the alternative of appealing against the verdict.

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