Face book Initiates Hosting Publisher’s “Instant Articles”

Face book Initiates Hosting Publisher’s “Instant Articles”

Posted:May 13,2015

Facebook has revolutionized the social networking space and has launched many popular services and programs which are being used innumerable users across the globe. For a few months rumors were running high and finally Face book launched its “Instant Articles”. It is program that natively hosts the publishers’ content in its app’s News feed. Because this user does not need to click out and wait for the websites to load. It has put to rest the publishers’’ fear that the social network will keep aside all the data. On the contrary it will share analytics and the Instant Articles is well-suited with audience measurement and attribution tools like the comScore, Omniture and Google Analytics. Advertisements can become visible inside Instant Articles. The publishers can keep 100% of the revenues if they sell them and the Facebook keeps its usual 30% if it sells the ads. Instant Articles will not get any favored treatment from the Face book’s News feed sorting algorithm just because of their format. But in case if the users click, like, comment and also share Instant Articles in greater number than others , then they may appear in greater number and more often in feed like any other popular content. This can incentivize more publishers to accept the latest hosted format.

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