Websites Take Major Hit after Google’s Algorithm Update

Websites Take Major Hit after Google’s Algorithm Update

Posted:May 14,2015

In the previous month Google’s “mobilegeddon” update which was actually aimed to favor mobile –friendly sites at the time of search results had no impact on the Hub Pages .There was also a covert algorithm update after this and that was devastating. Hub Pages which is a collection of 870,000 mini blogs experienced its Google ranking going down by twenty two percent. The company had 100 fantastic pages and of these 68 lost visitors. There had been updates earlier even which have hit the under performing sites but this update have hit indiscriminately. The situation has been aggravated because Google has refused to divulge any details regarding this update. Search metrics, which keeps a track of the search traffic, said that there was an identified pattern of decline in the visibility levels of many of the how-to-sites. Wiki How and also experienced decline but not that much. In the recent times Google’s algorithms that take into consideration in excess of 200 signals that assist the search engine to predict what the user wants have been the reason of much anxiety. Google have say over almost two-thirds of the U.S search market and this has led to much rumors. Many of the web based businesses saw traffic dropping overnight and the crucial ad money also disappeared. According to Gabe the updated algorithm is pitiless and it is punishing a complete domain when it is recognizing a certain percentage of spammy pages.

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