Face book Increases the Wages and Benefits of its Contract Employees

Face book Increases the Wages and Benefits of its Contract Employees

Posted:May 15,2015

There is an anxiety that exists in the technology sector because of the ever increasing wage gap between the IT sector’s elite workforce and the low paid workers. So Face book took a step to bridge this gap to a certain extent. The organization increased the salary of its contract employees and made it $15 per hour. In addition to this hike the contractors will also get a minimum of fifteen days of paid vacation and a $ 4,000 new child benefit for the parents who never get parental leave. At its Menlo Park headquarters this pay hike has already been implemented .Presently, the company is working towards expanding this policy to its significant vendors who have in excess of twenty five employees and are based in United States of America. This decision taken by Facebook drew praise from the White House, unions and family groups. America’s corporate sector is starting to implement these policies. California‘s cost of living is on the higher side and this is precisely the reason why Silicon Valley have been under immense pressure to decrease the income gap. Google also took same sort of steps for its contractual employees and also provided healthcare coverage to all its service workers.

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