Wipro is sued by an Ex-employee on Salary Issues in US

Wipro is sued by an Ex-employee on Salary Issues in US

Posted:May 18,2015

Information Technology organizations have faced lawsuits regarding salary issues and now it is the turn of Indian IT organization Wipro. There have been media reports which have said that a former employee of Wipro has filed a class action complaint against the organization in a US court and has alleged that the company has violated the local labor laws. The complaint has been filed by Suri Payala in the Superior court in the state of California. The precise allegation by made by the former employee is that Wipro faltered to pay him for his overtime and to make other remuneration settlements. The complaint elaborates that the employee worked for Wipro for the first six months of 2014 as technician for the computers. He was assigned on a project of US based Direc TV. No comment was made from Payala’s side about this particular lawsuit. But Wipro in an email said that it will not make any comment on the pending litigation. But the organization will certainly vehemently defend the allegation in the court. A spokesperson of Wipro said that the company follows all the laws of each and every jurisdiction where it operates.

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