What an Internship is actually Like at Face book

What an Internship is actually Like at Face book

Posted:May 19,2015

Face book is no doubt a much liked employer because of the lucrative remunerations and fantastic perks it provide to its employees but it is also an excellent place to do internships also. But it is also not a place where attractive bonuses are provided .The organization treats its interns at par with the permanent employees. It expects and wants the interns to work like any other full time employee. Interns are employed to work on bona fide projects which are part of the organization’s strategy. The company in the real sense evaluates the interns through the programme. Face book’s internship programme is one of the highest paying internship programmes that a college student can get. At Face book an intern gets paid around $5,600 on an average each month. The organization completely trusts its interns and offers a lot of responsibilities to them and also provides complete independence to them so that they can flourish. According to an intern working at Face book is like working for a coalition of startups. Each and every individual is working hard on a particular project but it does not feel overwhelming at all. The working environment is absolutely open. The organization is not big enough from the team point of view but the office camp is extensive.

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