Now Google Search Results will Show Tweets

Now Google Search Results will Show Tweets

Posted:May 21,2015

Google and Twitter have concluded and announced a partnership recently. According to the deal between the two organizations the tweets will be displayed in the Google search results. This particular partnership is actually a renewal of an earlier tie-up that ended in 2011. This deal is beneficial for both the Google and Twitter. This teaming up will help Google to get more real-time results in its search queries and this on the other hand will assist Twitter to enhance engagement after a period of slothful growth of users. This lethargic growth has been disadvantageous for its stock prices. The vice president of Twitter Jana Messerschmidt said that they are very excited about the tie up with Google to display the Twitter’s unique content on Google’s search results. This deal will initiate with the search results within Google app and mobile web and the desktop version will be coming soon. In the future this particular feature will reach more countries. These two organizations had a same sort of arrangement in 2009 also. According to Google’s product manager Ardan Arac, this pact is a fantastic way to gain real time information when something is actually taking place. It is also an alternative way for companies and individuals to present on Twitter to access the international audience at the most potent moments.

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