Microsoft’s Windows 10 Attracts Very Few App Developers

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Attracts Very Few App Developers

Posted:May 22,2015

Microsoft is very eager to turn its latest version of Windows a mobile friendly one and so it has it has let the operating system accept the tweaked Apple and Android apps. But this aim has met with a hindrance. The software developers the organization expects to convince to work for the company is just not interested. But there are precise reasons for this. In the previous year the Windows phones accounted for only three percent of international smart phone sales. But devices with Google’s Android system accounted for eighty one percent of sales and Apple and its ios system accounted for fifteen percent of the sales. The foremost reason is that Windows never runs so many or as attractive apps like its competitors. In its bid to change the situation and to boost the sales, Microsoft will offer tools to the software developers to make it simple to design apps for the Windows based on apps that runs on Android or Apple. But very small number of people use Windows phone and so developers are always concentrated on most popular systems and do not find reason to develop apps for Windows. The developers also doubt the simplicity of the tool during use. This summer is very crucial for Microsoft as it is rolling out Windows 10 which will runs PCs, tablets and phones.

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