YouTube is providing a New Connotation to the Word “Celebrity”

YouTube is providing a New Connotation to the Word “Celebrity”

Posted:May 25,2015

YouTube is in its tenth year of its existence and have certainly come a long way from being just a platform for showing kitty videos and now it is $20 billion visual menagerie. It has also become the birth place for a latest generation of celebrities. It is the most influential and successful marketing medium for the millennial. YouTube is celebrating its tenth anniversary and in this interesting journey it has created many celebrities’ .The videos created by these individuals attract millions of subscribers and they watch their online videos at a regular basis and also advertising that remains attached with these videos. Connor Franta is one such online personality who has many young followers especially girl. He is neither a film start nor a sports personality. He is best known to deliver diary-like monologues on the You Tube and the organization calls them “You Tubers”. The creators like Franta have a fan base that is absolutely amazing and they are also attracting a considerable amount of advertisement revenue. To encourage these creators of such online videos Google has also opened production facilities in Los Angeles, New York, London and in other locations also. These facilities will cater to creators who have in excess of five thousand subscribers to film videos. These facilities also act as a social hub for the creators.

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