Reddit Declare Measures for Prohibiting Harassments

Reddit Declare Measures for Prohibiting Harassments

Posted:May 26,2015

Users facing harassment on social networking sites is a very commonplace issue in the contemporary times. Reddit which is used by many users has finally announced steps for taking care of personal attacks and harassment. This announcement may have been the result of fear of court case or can also a genuine concern for the users. Constant harassment can make a person conclude that Reddit is not a safe platform or they can also be fearful about the safety of the near and dear ones also. The victims of such attacks can report the harassing messages, post and comment by sending an email to According to a spokesperson of the company, the company is thinking how they can utilize the existing policies to take care of new type of harassment on Reddit. She also added that according to a survey data from March 2015 the online community is eagerly waiting for these improvements. As the company did not elaborate on the kind of action it would take against the offender, sparked a lot of discussion online. But the company did promise an out an out investigation and a response that will be dependent on the nature of harassment. But the company did drop an indication that the harassers may be banned.

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