The Legal Tussle between Google and Oracle

The Legal Tussle between Google and Oracle

Posted:May 27,2015

There is a high profile legal case that is going on between Oracle and Google. In this case the Obama administration has gone against Google Inc and said to the US Supreme Court that it should never hear the company’s appeal against a case with Oracle Corp. This case has very wide ranging implications in the technology industry. Now the question is what is the case all about? The case involves the question about how much copyright protection should be extended to the Java programming language. Oracle won a federal appeals court ruling that lets the organization to copyright portions Java. But Google’s argument is that it should be completely free to utilize Java without the payment of any sort of licensing fees. Google has utilized Java to design the Android Smartphone operating system and has also appeal in this case in the US Supreme Court. Google’s view is that the victory of Oracle will put a hindrance to a huge amount of innovation because the software developers will not be able to build on each other’s work with completely freedom. On the contrary Oracle is of the view that proper copyright protection is important to software innovation.

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