Amazon is about to Employ Six Thousand Full-Time Employees

Amazon is about to Employ Six Thousand Full-Time Employees

Posted:May 29,2015

With the explosion of e commerce many new employment avenues have emerged and more and more people are being hired. These people need all sorts of employees like engineers, people for providing logistical support, designers and many more. Recently, Amazon the e commerce major has decided to recruit six thousand full time workers in order to beef up its staff strength across its more than fifty distribution centers in the United States of America. For any e commerce company packing, shipping and picking products for the clientele is very important and Amazon needs workers exactly for these purposes. They will pick, pack and ship stuffs for fulfilling customer orders. At this juncture the company has near about fifty thousand full-time staffs at the centers. Amazon aims to accelerate its delivery time and for this purpose it is opening distribution centers across US. The company’s $99 yearly Prime membership service is accompanied with free of cost two day delivery on many products. At the end part of 2014 the Seattle based e commerce major recruited around 154,100 full time as well as part time employees. The cities where Amazon will be hiring are Connecticut, Plainfield, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and others.

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