Brillo will Help Google with the Internet of Things

Brillo will Help Google with the Internet of Things

Posted:Jun 03,2015

The project Brillo of Google is a reality now. It has the ability to make Google the default platform for the Internet of Things. It will be have the same effect like the Android smart phones .The expectations from IOT are great and it will be double the size of the smart phone market. The international IOT market is expected to grow in excess of $5 trillion over the next six years and the business sector most probably is going to lead the IOT adoption. Brillo is going to alter the IOT state of affairs. Experts are of the opinion that a common platform or an OS like Brillo is an absolutely necessity for the IOT to develop. Its growth will be platform or OS based. It is an obvious thing that this OS will have some likeness with Android. This will be helpful for the developers as they will find it easier to adapt to Brillo. IOT is definitely few years away from its maturity. In its initial phase of it will have many app based interaction with smart phone. Android has a lot off users in the smart phone market and because of this Google will be able to play a major role there by integrating Brillo with Android.

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