New Features of Microsoft’s Windows 10

New Features of Microsoft’s Windows 10

Posted:Jun 04,2015

Microsoft issued a confirmation that Windows 10 will be made available on 29 July as a free of cost up gradation for the personal computers and tablets that are running on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and also on the latest Windows 10 devices. But for other devices this OS will be available in the later part of 2015. Microsoft has very high hopes from Windows 10.The organization has included several new features in the new OS .It will feature Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant. Cortana has been integrated into Microsoft Edge, the browser which has been built for Windows 10. The OS also has Windows Hello which will greet the users by their names. Since it includes biometric authentication, the users can log into their systems without any password. Windows 10 will also have Windows Continuum and it has the capacity to convert desktop applications for mobile devices usage and vice versa and also helps in using Windows phones be utilized as PCs. Another important aspect, the Windows 10 let the users play games on the Xbox Live gaming network by using their PCs and the tablets. Interested consumers can go for free of cost upgrades now.

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