In spite of Diversification Efforts, Google is Still Dominated by White and Asian Men

Posted: Jun 05,2015

Google has put in a lot of effort when it comes to their diversification drive regarding their work force but still it has not achieved its goal. It has recruited women to fill in one out of every five positions for computer programmers and other lucrative technology jobs last year. But still it is dominated by the whites and the Asian men. This inequality was exposed in the demographic breakdown that Google released. The report actually brings out the problem in hiring more women, blacks and Hispanics in the organization after depending heavily on the technical knowledge of Whites and the Asian men. According to Nancy Lee, Google’s vice-president of people operations, the initial signs show promise but the organization is big so these kinds of changes will take time. Only 18% of Google’s technology related jobs are held by women at the starting of 2015.It is up a percentage point from the last year.59% of the tech jobs were held by Whites and 35% were taken up by the Asian men. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader who has been leading the drive of diversification actually applauded Google for bringing out this workforce data. This will continue to pressurize the technology firms to keep working towards changing their workforce composition.

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