Apple unveils its Advanced Version of iOS

Apple unveils its Advanced Version of iOS

Posted:Jun 09,2015

In its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has unveiled the subsequent version of the iOS and it is to be called as iOS 9 and its major focus area will be security and performance improvement. According to Apple, at this juncture 83% of the iPhone users are using the latest update of their OS. The most important up gradation that took place with iOS 9 is that the company has turned Siri much more proactive. It does the capacity to cull out information from the user’s app and also can rephrase and understand natural language in an improved manner. According to the information from Apple, Siri tackles in excess of one billion requests in a week. Apple proactive Siri tells the users when to go for a meeting, whom to give a call prior to a meeting, it will also tell the user who is calling her/him and this will be done by culling out data from the mail. Apple assured the users that all the activities are singularly taking place on the users’ device and that is precisely the reason why they have complete control over the information and privacy. iOS 9 also has a feature which will provide suggestion to the users about the action based on calendar entries. iOS 9 will need just 1.8 GB free space and it will be provided to all the devices functioning on iOS 8.

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