Google’s $100 million Man is leaving for Greener Pastures

Google’s $100 million Man is leaving for Greener Pastures

Posted:Jun 10,2015

Neal Mohan was about to be poached by Twitter and to keep him back Google paid a hefty premium of $100 million in stocks. But presently he is leaving the organization in order to join Dropbox. He became a part of the search engine major when it purchased the online ads firm Double-Click. He was the senior vice president of strategy and product management there. For many years he worked under Susan Wojcicki .He was an expert in executing the impressive vision that actually turned Double-Click into a massively attractive acquisition target. In his time period Google’s display advertising revenues became really big. Mohan is joining Dropbox at a very difficult time when the company is going through a big change because it is trying to build its enterprise business in a tough competitive market. He will be the new chief of product of the company. Mohan has this unique ability to take a futuristic view on product strategy and this could be beneficial for the company. At Google, he also made many strategic acquisitions and this includes Admeld ,Teracent and Invite Media and these important acquisitions helped construct brick by brick the Google vigorous ad product.

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