Tech Industry of USA Requests To the President Not to Tamper With Encryption

Tech Industry of USA Requests To the President Not to Tamper With Encryption

Posted:Jun 11,2015

Keeping in view the different threat perceptions, the Obama administration is considering different cyber security steps. But there has been a big public backlash because of this mass surveillance plan. Amid all these the USA based tech organizations have warned the President against weakening the highly refined encryption systems that is specifically designed to guard customer’s privacy. The two industry associations for the well-known software and hardware companies have sent a touch letter to the President. In that letter they have stated that they are completely against any policy measure that will underplay encryption as an effectual and existing tool. This is shaping up to be a long drawn battle over government right of entry into smart phones and other digital devices. The administration along with FBI has compelled the companies to search out ways to let the law enforcement agencies bypass encryption to delve deep into illegitimate activities. They want a balance and do not want to weaken it so that the hackers and criminals can exploit the defense. So far the White House has not elaborated about the steps that it might take and the rules and regulations it may seek. According to the spokesperson the administration completely supports robust encryption but they are also concerned about the usage of encryption by the terrorists.

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