Twitter is going through Trying Times

Twitter is going through Trying Times

Posted:Jun 15,2015

There were many critics who called for the resignation of the ex-CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo. Many eminent people related to business believe that the company requires a complete overhaul in order to prevent a complete downfall. Many think that the company has the possibility of meeting the fate of Blackberry .From a leader in the industry it can drown into oblivion. But the critics believe that the company must keep pace with the time and quickly constitute a search team for a permanent CEO. The interim CEO of Jack Dorsey needs to be replaced soon. But many people think that Twitter is not ready for a fresh beginning and is more interested in becoming the permanent CEO. The Prince of Saudi Arabia Alwaleed bin Talal who is one of the investor Twitter stated that Jack Dorsey will bring continuity to the organization and will certainly stand by him if he at all wants to be the CEO. Finding a replacement of Dorsey is a difficult job. The board of the company has the three former CEOs and a brand new CEO will have to deal with them all at the same time .All these people have very strong ideas about running the company and that can be intimidating for a new person. A new also needs to adjust with the atmosphere of the company and that needs time. Twitter is in an insubstantial state and it can fall behind further if it not handled well.

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