Stagnant Tweets per Day is another Problem of Twitter

Stagnant Tweets per Day is another Problem of Twitter

Posted:Jun 17,2015

Slowing down of the growth of users is not the only problematic area of Twitter. The tweets that travel cross the service each and every day seems to have stalled in the past one and a half year or so. The spokesperson of the company denied any comments on this particular issue of frozen tweets per day number. There is a thin possibility that the company has not updated the number on a public platform but with maximum focus on Twitter presently, it is certainly an unusual decision. In the past years, Twitter has updated the number like four hundred million tweets per day in the month of June, 2012. Twitter’s “about” page on its website states that five hundred million tweets flow on service each single day. But this particular figure is completely unaffected from November 2013.At this time Twitter had 215 million active users but today it has 302 million active users. The present user base of Twitter is forty percent larger than the previous year but there is a lack of corresponding increase in tweets .This proves that the users are not tweeting with the same fervor or people are visiting the site and reading the content but not tweeting. There will be no immediate effect on the company’s finances because Twitter earns money from ad impressions which happens only when an individual views a tweet or shares a tweet and not when someone actually tweets.

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