Google is Talking Openly about its Capabilities and Clients to Beat Rivals

Google is Talking Openly about its Capabilities and Clients to Beat Rivals

Posted:Jun 18,2015

Google is in a stiff competition with Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM when it comes to dominating the cloud business. The organization is talking more expressively about the companies that are utilizing its cloud business and its computing assets. Its resources are huge and most probably the biggest in the world. These revelations include the company’s ultra fast fiber network, the huge data resources and systems and software it has designed and built for itself. All these disclosures are meant for a singular purpose and that is to position itself as an organization that has the capacity to handle the largest and the most complicated computational exercises at a lightening speed. This has been precisely done to show off the data analysis capabilities of Google Cloud Platform. Google gave out details like the capacity to transfer information between Europe and USA in less than 100 milliseconds and a norm of completely backing up user data in nine different locations. These details make Google both cutting edge and more big than people expected it to be. A certain Google Cloud salesperson stated that the company has ninety points of presence all around the globe and point of presence means the places where the company’s systems receives direct right to use of the internet and the local telecommunication service provider.

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