Buzz About Ad-free Social Network Ello

Buzz About Ad-free Social Network Ello

Posted:Jun 19,2015

Face book has many rivals and Ello is a prominent one. The startup shot to limelight because of its “anti --Face book” policy. It promised not to use advertising or will not sell client’s data to the third parties. The ad-free social network organized an invitation-only launch and also announced that the company is actually opening to the public with an application specifically for the iPhone users. Last September there was a tremendous increase in interest about Ello and its membership was much demand. The invitations were selling on eBay and the prices were up to $500.But Ello did not disclose the number of members. The latest app from Ello is fantastic with many exclusive features. The co-founder and CEO Paul Budnitz think that there is a positive image of Ello and since there is an increased awareness about negative effects of ads and data collection by outside networks coming into light in the news, the released on the app could not be better timed. Ello has updated its services to include newer methods to find friends, full search, real-time alerts, private messaging, private groups and “loves” as an alternative to likes. The company also received $5.5 million as funds also. This startup was started by a faction of artists and programmers and this group has been led by Budnitz.

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