Twitter is Designing Exclusive New Pages for Products and Places

Twitter is Designing Exclusive New Pages for Products and Places

Posted:Jun 22,2015

Twitter is going through many changes at its top management level and there are other pressing issues also like slowing down of the user growth and stagnating tweets per day. But in these desperate times also the organization is finding out ways to win back its users. The company is testing two latest features. It is mainly focused on leveraging revenue strength of the “products”. The first feature arranges tweets around “products” and “places”, providing these with their very own page. The second feature that the organization is testing is also related to brands. It is a creation of particular tweet “collections” that is based upon” products” and “places”. In the first feature each and every pages will have images and videos about the product and place along with the information like a detailed description or price. At times, there will be a “buy on Twitter button “for a quick and simple purchase process. A tweet stream about the product will be shown below the general content. In the second feature Twitter will concentrate on collections from “influencers “and the users will be capable of accessing these collections from their personal pages. Adding new features is important for Twitter as it can have a positive influence on the organization.

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