Face book’s Increasing Popularity on You Tube In Terms of Video Ads

Face book’s Increasing Popularity on You Tube In Terms of Video Ads

Posted:Jun 23,2015

Rivalry between Face book and Google is well known. But in recent times Face book is gaining more space and popularity on Google’s You Tube as a medium for large organizations to market their products and services via the online videos. It is the most rapidly growing category of Internet ads. There is a huge competition among the web majors for having the maximum number of video viewers. These two are already involved in a stiff competition in various other types of advertising category. This competition will also result into more ads being watched by the viewers but the range of video programming will also be of much superior quality. Online video is increasing rapidly than any other digital category and there was an increase of 33% in 2014 and the growth may be 29% in the future. Presently, You Tube is a more supple marketing platform. It offers the advertisers the complete video ads that runs before, during or after a video programming is shown and charges only when the advertisement has been delivered. But the model followed by Face book is not that compatible to the interests of the advertisers. It charges the advertisers once three seconds of the video have been shown.

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