Face book Using Latest Security Tool for Protection against Malicious Software

Posted: Jun 24,2015

Face book users have often been targeted by the phishers. One in five phishing scams targets the Face book notification and the users’ needs to be extremely cautious while downloading notifications appearing to be from the social networking site. To provide relief to its users Face book has been utilizing a new security apparatus to assist in detecting and eliminating malevolent software. The social networking major was collaborating with Kaspersky Lab about a program implemented by the other online security companies. According to a Face book security engineer Trevor Pottinger, because of this alliance the organization has helped in cleaning up in excess of two million individual’s systems that the company detected were infected with malware when they accessed Face book. In cases of infections, the company provides a cleanup tool that works in the background while the user continues to use Face book. The user receives a notification when the scan is over to show the user what has been found. This particular program utilizes a combination of signals in order to detect infections and get the malware removed from the computer even if it is not spreading spam or dangerous links. This new security tool is a big step towards providing security to the Face book users.

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