People Can Join Messenger without a Facebook Account

People Can Join Messenger without a Facebook Account

Posted:Jun 25,2015

The social networking site major is no doubt the most popular and it is adding more and more users’ every day. Recently, it has made a major move in order to get more and more users to sign up for its chat product, Messenger. People who are interested in Messenger but do not have a Facebook account no longer needs one to join the Messenger. In countries like USA, Canada, Peru and Venezuela users can now join with a phone number, name and photo only. With the passage of time Messenger is becoming an extremely significant product for the social networking site. The company has been developing and adding latest features to the app like the peer-to-peer payments and the capacity for the third-party software developers to develop apps to function inside it on a daily basis. Within a span of three months the app already has 100 million new users. The latest user number is more than 700 million. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the organization believes in waiting till the product has one billion users before turning these numbers into consequential business. The easy Messenger joining process can expedite this occurrence.

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