According to Speculations Digital Ocean is raising $83 million

According to Speculations Digital Ocean is raising $83 million

Posted:Jul 03,2015

Rumors suggest that New York based enterprise Digital Ocean has concluded a big round of Series B funding and the amount is $83 million. It is a hot property when it comes to cloud computing and was set up in the year 2011.It is a direct competitor of the Amazon Web Services. Just like the latter , this company also lets its clients swipe a credit card and get access to an endless provision of raw computing power that is hosted in its remote data centers.This concept is known as "infrastructure as-a-service". The company has always tried to set itself apart for its developer customers by providing a simple user interface,lower expense and high performance.This strategy of the company is working perfectly with many high-profile clients coming on board.But this simplicity of the company makes it far less attractive for the big corporations. The company might never turn into a big medium for hosting huge, complicated enterprise apps but it can certainly the regular choice for the everyday programmers who are eager to build fantastic websites and web apps. The $83 million funding will provide a lot of impetus to the company to do this.

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