Amazon Web Service’s Cloud Service is Unmatched by its Competitors

Posted: Jul 13,2015

Modern day businesses are utilizing cloud services to a large extent so the demand for the service has increased. Amazon Chief Technology officer Werner Vogels took the stage to eulogize the cloud services of the AWS. The company is huge in the growing cloud computing market in spite of the competition faced by the Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle and many more. The company is ten times bigger than its closest competitors. The company is creating new features for its cloud computing services at a maddening rapid pace. The entity added 516 latest features in the year 2014 and this number is almost double the number it produced in the year 2013.Many of its competitors are trying to catch up with AWS and they are elaborating about their services like Google did it recently. In fact when it comes to features and services the company is ready to exceed its 2014 numbers also. Vogel mocked a lot of its competitors’ by saying that a lot of them is in the position when Amazon Web Services was in 2008/2009 in terms of features and services.

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