Ninety two Percent of all the Smartphone Firms’ Profit is collected by Apple

Posted: Jul 14,2015

Apple is a truly global company and its unique products cater to the world market and are liked by millions of users. When it comes to the smart phones it has a very small market share. But in comparison to the market share its profit margins are really huge. The research firm IDC said that the company was accountable for just 18.3% of the smart phones that are transported internationally in the Q1 of the year 2015.In spite of this small percentage the company was taking away 92% of the industry’s profit. Samsung took home 15% of the profit and both this company together made up 107% of the profit. The other manufacturers of the handsets either lost a lot of money or just did not make any kind of profit. It is a broad illustration of the popularity of the iPhone 6 in the Q1 of 2015 as Apple solely was responsible for the 65% of the smart phone profits. But in 2014 the company actually made more profit of about 93% of the total market share. The sustenance of this profit is a testimony of how good the iPhone 6 is actually selling.

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