Twitter has Immense Potential when it comes to News

Twitter has Immense Potential when it comes to News

Posted:Jul 15,2015

In the recent past Twitter has gone through its own crisis period but the actual potential of the company is huge and one just needs to steer it in the right direction and for that an efficient leader is a basic necessity and of course Twitter is searching for the right leader. According to the co-founder and the current board member of the company Evan Williams news has acquired the prime position for the messaging platform for many years now but the company still can make immense improvement in assisting people to finding relevant news on the platform. It must guarantee all the information it is offering. Twitter is building a method to better organize the information one is seeking. Twitter along with certain third-party applications has the potential to improve the service of the news. The infrastructure and the data is already available .In a way the company is acknowledging that it is not simple to find news on Twitter. Twitter should be more of a platform than it is presently .It has lots of users and they continuously add value to the brand. The business part of Twitter is very solid and many new products can be developed using this platform.

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