How different does Windows10 appear from its earlier avatars?

How different does Windows10 appear from its earlier avatars?

Posted:Jul 31,2015

Installing Windows 10 is no big deal till the time your laptop has all the necessary specs in place. Windows10 is a straight lift from its earlier version – Windows8. Installing this OS may not pose any significant installation challenges, but you’re advised to take the backup in full. Those who have Windows 8 or Windows 7 in their PC will be able to upgrade without any extra cost. For those who don’t have the necessary specs, you’ll need to shed an amount worth $119. You may avail this software at much cheaper rates from third party sellers. Upon placing an order, the software can be shipped to your address by the first week of August. You may still be wondering how Windows10 will appear now that it has arrived. You won’t need to wait for long if you really wish to know the truth. The OS will soon be sold across major outlets like The Verge. Thousands of Microsoft users will be able to use it now. Users will find it interesting to work with an entirely new interface. Apart from combining the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 features, this OS projects new ideas that have never been considered or implemented at large. The fact has already been highlighted in previews shared by modern developers. Be it in the voice commands or at the Start Menu, Windows10 will possess Cortana. The latest browser of Microsoft is yet to pass through its first big stage, which involves a much deeper integration of Xbox and a notification center that’s fully revamped. You mustn’t have seen or heard about it before. You’ll need to wait for a brief period before you know if Siri can actually be outpaced by Cortana.

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