Silicon Valley is all set to diversify tech companies

Silicon Valley is all set to diversify tech companies

Posted:Aug 04,2015

Few of the U.S. lawmakers are moving to Silicon Valley to urge technology based companies for providing employment opportunities to candidates belonging to the African American community. The employment record in this area reflects a poor track with most companies. Silicon Valley witnessed a growing demand for employing African Americans worth a higher percentage during the last year. Diversity data were released by firms that were persuaded by Rev. Jesse Jackson, our civil rights leader. Such data clearly depicts a few single-digits representing a much lower opportunity for Hispanics and blacks. A year has passed but the tech companies haven’t improved the racial mix in favor of African Americans. A similar drawback is projected by a lower percentage of female workers in our workforce as compared to male workers. For every civil right activist this has become a primary cause of concern. Blacks constitute a mere 2 percent of our entire workforce associated with Facebook, while only about 2-3% of Google’s employees in US account for Hispanics and blacks. However, the overall growth of hiring for Google was outstripped by hiring of candidates from these segments of our population. According to Jackson, tech companies haven’t proven to be more diverse when it comes to employing blacks and Hispanics during the current year. He insisted that for improving the racial mix, our tech companies need to set long term goals and work towards achieving them. The diversity program of Pinterest set for the year 2016 shows certain hiring goals that increase scope for students belonging to underrepresented backgrounds. The primary objective of such programs is to improve diversity by involving a strategy firm.

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