Job boards are using Twitter in an effective way

Job boards are using Twitter in an effective way

Posted:Aug 05,2015

Twitter has always been popular with companies and celebrities. Social media has turned out to be a strong job search platform ever since it became a mainstay in our lives. A few job boards have also started utilizing Twitter for the purpose of recruitment. Some of these job boards are using Twitter in a more effective way than that of their competitors. Twitter may not seem to be a natural source of recruitment, yet it has helped some social job boards to perform better than the others. Two job boards are making the most of this platform - CareerOneStop is a government website that is known for using Twitter in a very successful way. It has gathered more than 5,000 followers within a very short span of time. Job seekers in all industries have used its helpful resources and the Department of Labor in U.S. sponsors its activities. CareerBuilder is another job board that has earned a place within the top 10 job portals using Twitter. CareerBuilder helps about 150,000 followers to be connected through its Twitter account. Besides sharing content about job postings, CareerBuilder also shares content on possible employment opportunities that may seem attractive to young graduates. It stays focused on communicating opportunities to job seekers who’re goal oriented. Twitter’s efforts have mostly yielded successful outcomes for job seekers belonging to different strata of our society.

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