Intel raises referral bonus for hiring minorities and women

Intel raises referral bonus for hiring minorities and women

Posted:Aug 06,2015

Intel’s workforce includes minorities and women who’re often referred by their own staff members. A limit worth $4000 has been set for spending in terms of referral bonus. This is a move to diversify the current ratios of male-female and black-white members within their workforce. Intel needs to achieve a diverse workforce within the next five years. The current strength of their US division bears white Americans up to 56 percent and male members up to 76 percent. A number of businesses have used referral incentives as a tool to boost their workforce with diversely qualified candidates. The fact that Intel is committed towards achieving a diverse workforce has urged them to provide employees with a referral bonus. Their main objective in doing this is to turn their work environment more competent by drawing candidates from relevant industries. This isn’t the first time that Intel is trying it out. Referral bonuses have been their recruitment tool for quite some time. Currently, they are using it as a part of their program to engage underrepresented minorities and women candidates within their workforce. There are a number of tech giants that are searching for ways to diversify their workforce. Under-representation of minorities and female candidates has been a cause of concern for many of these companies. A number of initiatives have been launched by Apple, Google and Facebook of late.

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