Information security analysts are high on demand in the job market

Information security analysts are high on demand in the job market

Posted:Aug 07,2015

Frequent cyber-attacks have forced numerous companies to keep their secret business information from the reach of data hackers. Some of the government departments have felt it necessary to follow the footsteps of these companies. The IT industry has come up with more opportunities for information security analysts in the recent times. These professionals are entrusted with the job of protecting servers and networks storing key information pertaining to a government agency or company. Few instances of information leaks experienced by National Security Agencies have raised an alarm concerning protection of key business information. Cyber-security threats have certainly enhanced public awareness on the crucial roles played by these professionals, which would otherwise go unnoticed. Cyber-attackers are known to keep their eyes on popular retail stores that have a strong online presence. Even the rarest of security breaches will give them an opportunity to test their skills. When it comes to cyber-attacks, security analysts are expected to remain one step ahead of these con artists. Analyzing and monitoring key information are among the primary tasks assigned to entry-level professionals. Professionals holding senior positions are required for monitoring security breaches and performing investigations periodically. Alongside the ability to understand different computer systems, information security analysts must possess certain analytical skills. Gaining more knowledge on the latest security standards and regulations will certainly help them improve their problem-solving abilities. The IT industry is showing an increasing demand for security analysts as more organizations are trying to secure their business data and other sensitive information. By 2022, the scope of employment for security analysts is likely to improve by 36.5 percent. When you compare the positions held by security analysts with other technicians, you’ll find out why this field is projecting the fastest growth rate within the industry.

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