Google restructuring finds a new parent company in Alphabet

Google restructuring finds a new parent company in Alphabet

Posted:Aug 12,2015

Under its latest restructuring move, Google is all set become the subsidiary of Alphabet. Google’s association with Alphabet is likely to turn its business operations smoother than before. Google is the largest of all companies that are likely to be included by Alphabet. The advanced X labs of Google are to be included by Alphabet. Currently, Wi-Fi balloons and a few other projects are handled by the X labs. The current changes are bound to trim down the main Google business for including apps, maps, YouTube, ads, Android and search. The investing arms of Google are likely to be managed separately. Alphabet will be managing businesses like Fiber and Calico. During the last one decade Google has made considerable progress in the field of research, which involves development of aerial drones, internet connectivity and software devices. This reorganization will enable certain units to work independently allowing their leaders to lay focus on their respective projects. The new forays of Google have compelled this company to prove that its high-end projects are truly successful. Google is likely to gain a new ground from Alphabet for explaining how successfully its latest divisions are performing. For the time, employees of both organizations are bound to work hand in hand and work towards fulfilling a larger goal. New recruitment is also likely to be based on their future plans. However, the outcomes of Google’s main business are to be accounted separately.

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