US employers are posting more job openings of late

US employers are posting more job openings of late

Posted:Aug 14,2015

More Americans are finding work and reflecting a steady growth of US economy in the recent times. Fresh job openings in the market are now being filled out by the US employers. The month of June saw an estimated 5.18 million new workers as reported by the Labor Dept. Hiring of candidates has risen continually from an earlier 2.3% during the past 6 months. The hiring process has been boosted much since the end of recession in 2009. Job vacancies in the US have risen considerably as the employers started posting more openings. People quitting jobs often symbolize a positive scenario, since they quit jobs when fresh openings are lined up with better pay. Companies are compelled to raise wages when fresh openings are created or when people quit frequently. Experts are of the opinion that the latest dip in hourly earnings is temporary. The past two years have seen considerable job gains, but the economy reflects a weak spot in our sluggish pay hikes.

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