IT layoffs driven by H-1B to be investigated by US senators

IT layoffs driven by H-1B to be investigated by US senators

Posted:Aug 21,2015

Contractors using H-1B visas have caused widespread displacement of IT workers in the US. A federal investigation is likely to be conducted by US senators regarding such displacement of workers. Utilization of H-1B program for replacing American employees like the Southern California Edison (SCE) workers needs to be investigated by the Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Home Security and Dept. of justice. In order to ensure a complete protection for American workers, Washington needs to take necessary actions by following the instructions of the SCE. I-Square bill is set to push the base cap for H-1B visa to 195,000 from its current value of 65,000. I-Square bill is co-sponsored by McCaskill and Blumenthal, who’re lawmakers fueling an investigation of layoffs driven by H1-B. Some 500 IT workers have been fired by SCE in their attempt to hire contractors from outsourcing firms that are using H-1B visas very frequently. Few of these workers have been interviewed by Techejobs and their experiences were published of late.

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