Impact of salaries revealed by Google staffers

Impact of salaries revealed by Google staffers

Posted:Aug 25,2015

Revealing one’s salary has certain drawbacks and merits. This has been a cause of debate among employers and employees of various global concerns till some of them began sharing spreadsheets reflecting transparency within their workplace. A tight secrecy is usually maintained when it comes to revealing salaries in front of others. Workers tend to feel happier when more openness concerning salaries is created within an organization. The spreadsheet for Google has only about 5 percent of its employees hitting the peak. The spreadsheet also reflects a decline in peer bonuses that triggered a protest in the recent times. Google employees were compelled to seek and accept equitable payments calculated on the basis of their spreadsheet data. For a large section of Google employees, the idea seemed to be a good prospect for future salary hikes, but the debate still continues about the fallout of salary transparency within the organization. A section of executives fears internal strife following such openness that provides all employees with an easy access to salary details.

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