Silicon Alley to taste success very soon

Silicon Alley to taste success very soon

Posted:Aug 27,2015

The government of New York has been trying to pit the city against Silicon Valley in terms of technological advancement. Much of their efforts have succeeded in showing results of late. The five boroughs have been called home by renowned entrepreneurs, startups and major tech firms. Within these five boroughs, percentage of tech jobs hosted by Staten Island is worth 1%, Queens is worth 6%, Brooklyn is worth 9%, the Bronx is worth 1% and Manhattan is worth 83%. Among these five boroughs, Brooklyn has certainly witnessed a quicker technical job growth than the others. In a closer resemblance to other tech industries within the US, whites constitute about 62% of the technical employees in Silicon Alley and males constitute about 60% of its entire workforce. The city depicts an even age distribution when compared to its metropolitan competitors. Apart from online publishing and e-commerce, the other job sectors show a majority of older workers.

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