IT professionals don't need to fear automation

IT professionals don't need to fear automation

Posted:Aug 28,2015

IT professionals fear that hardware and software advancement might cause them to lose their jobs in the near future. Automation is driving numerous factories and data centers of late; a number markets are being influenced by self-driving cars. Onsite requirement of IT staff may be curbed by utilizing cloud-based services more effectively. Fear of technological advancement dates back centuries, but it isn’t justified. Use of cars and steam engines had caused widespread fear among transportation companies that used horses. Automation might seize some jobs, but it will hardly affect employment driven by robots. Experts are predicting disappearance of jobs worth 16 percent following an upsurge of automation technologies till 2025. At the same time, new job openings worth 9 percent are likely to be created during this period. The fact that the robots need consistent maintenance and repair will develop new categories under which these openings are to be created. Introduction of automated services is likely to curb our regular duties, but it will still require a strong force to work manually besides machines.

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