App devs don’t need to be scared of Facebook's M

App devs don’t need to be scared of Facebook's M

Posted:Aug 31,2015

The digital assistant game has two long term players in Google and Apple. Facebook is the latest to join this game; the Facebook messenger app has its virtual assistant “M” integrated within the closed beta version. This platform has been described in a Facebook post to be backed by artificial intelligence. Some human supervisors and trainers are contributing towards such intelligence. Tasks that ought to be performed by users are completed by this virtual assistant very effectively. The market shows you through a number of Al-based services that aren’t capable of performing these tasks. Performing flight reservations, online purchases, restaurant reservations and delivery of gifts are some of these tasks. For empowering the more advanced services of M, a few human professionals known as “M trainers” are needed by Facebook. Currently, much of these tasks are to be handled by a homo sapient, although an advent of technology might develop new software to deal with the major bulk of tasks in the future. Again, launching a new software is often associated with new job prospects.

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