IT support professionals not to be affected by PC shipment decline

IT support professionals not to be affected by PC shipment decline

Posted:Sep 01,2015

Chances are very less that the IT support professionals will be affected by a decline in shipment of personal computers. Smart-phones, tablets, PCs and electronics that are wearable in nature have created a heterogeneous environment around professionals that have acquired expertise while handling them for years. Number of devices that are to be maintained, upgraded and purchased will not decrease within the next couple of years even when there’s a considerable decrease in PC buyers and manufacturers. Shipment changes are reflected for tech pros that’re associated with computer manufacturers. In an attempt to curb expenses, Lenovo has declared some 3200 employees to be laid off in the near future. The industry is gradually shifting its focus from data centers and PCs to cloud-based services and smart-phones. Such an industry-wide shift has caused job losses in firms like Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. According to a research conducted by IDC, a growth in PC shipment business may be witnessed in the year 2017. Shifts within the industry may have caused wide-spread tension, but a late growth is enough to pull a sigh of relief among workers.

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