Next-Gen video format to be developed by Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix

Posted: Sep 03,2015

The Alliance for Open Media is an open source alliance formed by companies like Microsoft, Intel, Mozilla, Google, Netflix and Amazon. The primary objective of developing this alliance is to create video formats for the next generation that are free of royalties. Development of other associated technologies like codecs is also on their agenda. Rarely do you come across instances wherein these rival organizations join hands for developing new technologies. However, the members of such alliance and industry experts are of the opinion that it is necessary to maintain a fresh interoperable video standard, which will act uniformly for all platforms and vendors. Announcing this type of alliance also clarifies that the members participating in this project aren’t eager to pay any royalty. At the same time, the industry experts are expecting positive outcomes to be delivered by the dedicated teams of each of these companies, which will work towards meeting a common goal.

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