Android and iOS remain dominant much to the relief of tech pros

Android and iOS remain dominant much to the relief of tech pros

Posted:Sep 07,2015

According to data provided by a few renowned research firms, the smart-phone OS market is being dominated by Google Android and iOS. Apple remains on top of the popularity list and amongst the leading smart-phone manufacturers in the world. In July 2015, the OS market (worth 51.4%) was held by Android. The OS market for other handset makers had been stable at 0.1% held by Symbian, 1.3% held by Blackberry and 2.9% held by Microsoft. The smart-phone arena has Microsoft, which is expecting extra market share out of its latest OS that can work on mobile devices. It’s still hard to imagine a huge margin of gains for Microsoft’s moves considering its business record with mobile devices, which is nothing but mediocre. A stable market condition adds more to the comfort of tech pros that are specializing in mobile technology. It leaves them with more opportunity for developing new products and apps based on Android and iOS. Your business plans are likely to be affected detrimentally, although the advent of technology seems really quite interesting.

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