Online content may affect any employment opportunity

Online content may affect any employment opportunity

Posted:Sep 08,2015

Looking for a job has become a lot easier with the advent of internet technology. At the same time, the internet is posing a number of challenges for job seekers. By checking out the online content pertaining to individual candidates, the recruiters are gradually narrowing down pools instead of selecting candidates on the basis of their resumes and cover letters. They ways in which you may be perceived by employers need to be kept in mind while you’re posting in your blogs or participating in social media networks. While writing posts in various social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you’re bound to find enough area of opportunity. Employers are bound to seek various social media errors. Industry surveys involving a number of HR professionals depicted elimination of candidates while considering vital positions if such candidates are found to be posting opinions of controversial nature. Chances are thin that you’ll be hired by a recruiter after he has come across a foul language used by you. A majority of recruiters are of the opinion that they won’t consider candidates that share obscene images across social media platforms.

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